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“At first I thought R would be hard and part of me was scared I wouldn't understand any of it. But this was the best crash course I have ever done. Alex made it fun and easy to understand with clear examples and activities. The fact that she was funny, kind, wise and happy to explain every step all over again for anyone was my favourite part. No one was ever left behind! She has enabled me to use R at work almost every day. I'm still learning, and she set great foundations for this. I’m so grateful for her time, advice and inspiration. I do all the inter-coder reliability tests at work now - I'm the upcoming ‘R expert’”.

Fatima Danir Mohammed, Researcher, Africa’s Voices Foundation, Nairobi


"Alex is a wonderful instructor for R. She is able to tailor classes to meet the needs of participants who learn at different paces, and who have different levels of experience with coding and data analysis. She demystifies the technology, focusing on the practical use and application using real-world examples.  I would highly recommend her. Not only did she teach me the basics of R, she motivated me to continue learning by showing me many examples of how R could be used to improve my data analytics workflow and to draw new insights out of large data sets."

Heather Gilberds, Director of Research and Learning, Digital Opportunity Trust


I had no previous coding experience before I took Alex’s two-day R course. It was invaluable in setting really firm foundations in the understanding of how R works. I really appreciated the structure and pace of the lessons, both of which emphasised repetition of key concepts. In addition, there was an excellent balance between the explanation of theory, real-life examples and practical exercises. Because we focused on consolidating the core concepts, progression to more advanced material was far less challenging. Alex’s slides were very well-designed and clear. Most importantly, Alex was always very willing to help and there was a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere in the classroom. Since the course, I have been using R in my work a lot. 

Bianca Ambrosetti, POLIS undergraduate, University of Cambridge


I was very intimidated by the thought of learning R and had been putting it off for some time - I just had no idea how to start. However, through work, I had two days’ training with Alex. She is a great teacher - she made it all seem very straightforward and simple, not at all scary. She related all the concepts to situations in our everyday lives and as a result, they were very easy to follow and understand. She always used very clear language and had excellent supporting visuals. I now use R at work every day and have even been teaching someone else in the office!

Deborah Sambu, Research Lead, Oxfam Tax Justice


Alex's R course was the best I've ever been on! She made is so simple and so practical that I hardly noticed that I was learning. I've since done other courses and have found myself invariably referring back to her notes - they are much more helpful and easy to understand than any others I have come across.

Emma Gremley, Senior Education Adviser, DFID