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R Coding Courses


Would you like to have control over your data but have never learnt to use computer code? Are you worried about the time it would take to learn? Or are you scared that it's outside your capabilities? If so, Griffon Maps has the perfect course for you: we know that everyone can code and that it doesn’t take long to learn.


We run enjoyable, informative and bespoke coding courses for beginners that will catapult you forward both as an individual and as part of your organisation, giving you the freedom to explore and control your data. It will be an exciting, fun and liberating experience. We use R, an open-source software created by a team of dedicated and talented individuals - At Griffon Maps we believe that the Open Source Movement can empower everyone with internet access to join together in a spirit of togetherness. The online support network for R is huge - there is a whole R family out there just waiting to help you on your journey. Griffon Maps will give you the solid foundations, tools and guidance you need to send you on your way.


R Coding Courses


We run courses for students and professionals in time-frames varying from hours to days, depending on time-constraints and needs. By the end of the course, not only will you love R, you will be able to do the following competently and with gusto:


Import and explore your dataset 
Break it down into its constituent parts
Re-arrange the parts to create a new dataset
Subset a dataset, merge columns and convert variables according to specific criteria
Create new columns based on existing column values
Perform basic calculations on variables within a dataset
Visualise the relevant parts of the dataset with maps and graphs
Be psychologically and intellectually equipped to deal with the great sport of receiving error messages 



Data visualisation coding courses

Ghana Medical Facilities: probability of occurrance

"Alex has that rare and enviable skill of breaking information down into such simple and straightforward parts that things that previously seemed impenetrable suddenly seem very clear and straightforward. She is a very calm yet hugely enthusiastic teacher who imparts her knowledge in a way that makes everything fun and exciting. I have watched as she has turned people convinced that they could never code into professional R users who have never looked back"


Matti Pohjonen, University of Finland