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From Data to Action

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We know that every dataset has a story to tell and we help you find it through:


  • validity checks, cleaning and wrangling
  • identifying contradictions and ensuring logic
  • identifying and highlighting outliers
  • ensuring format consistency and absence of errant symbols
  • preparation for visualisation and analyses

We can then provide answers to questions such as:


  • What is the reach of local radio in Somalia?
  • How many villages are within walking distance of a health facility in Kenya?
  • Which wells in Somaliland are the most important to shut down in the event of a cholera outbreak?
  • Where are people responding to radio health shows in Cape Verde?
Griffon Maps
Griffon Maps

Report writing


We have many years’ experience of writing and editing project reports, peer-reviewed scientific papers and material for in-house and public presentation.


Once your data is thoroughly transparent and understood, we can help you transfer the messages they hold to those who need to hear them. We will ensure that they are written and visualised in a succinct, jargon-free and elegant way, with fine-tuning to suit your target audience.


Presentation skills


Talking to a big audience about your work does not have to be a daunting experience! At Griffon Maps, we can help you to start enjoying sharing your ideas with people because, contrary to how you may currently feel, you can excel at it. The new energy and enthusiasm that you will then bring to your work will really engage your audience making them as excited about your results as you are. 


So if you are heading for an important event, then let us help you prepare. We will work with you to make sure both your slides and delivery are used to maximum effect. And that you enjoy both the process, the event and of course the positive consequences that follow.



Griffon Maps

"Alex is a gifted data visualisation expert and a flexible, independent and creative thinker. Her work is consistently excellent and is always perfectly tailored to her target audience. We worked with Alex on a project involving data collection during epidemic health crises in sub-Saharan Africa. She thrived in this context, demonstrating both quick-thinking, rapid responses to project design change and the ability to deliver results under time-pressure. She always asked questions in meetings that made the whole team think and in this capacity, also contributed significantly to project methodology and design."


Laurie Denyer-Willis, Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine