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GIS and Data Visualisation


Welcome to Griffon Maps! We are a Cambridge-based GIS and data visualisation consultancy that can help you to obtain the maximum possible value from your data. We do this by helping you to explore it fully before creating accurate and elegant visuals which are specifically tailored to the audiences that need to see them. At Griffon Maps, we work with you to create effective messages that optimise conditions for positive impact on the ground.


The Rüppell’s griffon vulture is the world’s highest flying bird, giving it unique views of our planet: at Griffon Maps, we give you this power to soar. We do this either by exploring and visualising your data with you, or by teaching you how to use R code so that you have complete control over all the analyses you do.



"Alex is a meticulous and tenacious scientist who consistently scrutinises data quality before applying her knowledge of GIS and statistical modelling. She produces simple, informative graphics which elegantly display complex data sets in readable form and writes to a high academic standard. She is focused, efficient and extremely organised. In addition to her own analyses, she is a passionate R-coding teacher, determined that it is a skill everyone can master and enjoy. She is a hugely valued member of every research project."


Claudia Abreu Lopes, Head of Research, Africa's Voices Foundation